10-legged arthropods8-legged arthropods8-legged arthropods with segmented abdomens
Amphibians with feet and hairless mammals with feetAnimals that flyArachnids with unsegmented abdomens
ArthropodaArthropods with at least 8 legsAsterozoa
Baby passerinesBare-skinned Tetrapoda with feetBowed lutes
ColeopteraCopies of Da Vinci's Last Supper showing Christ's feetCrocodylia
Curved wind instruments with bellsDracoEumetazoa with appendages
Flying AmniotaFlying SauriaFlying Teleostomi
Flying birdsFour-limbed lizardsFretless bowed lutes
Fretted bowed lutesHairless mammals and amphibians with feet and internal earsHairless mammals with feet and protruding ears
Harps and zithersHexapodaInvertebrates with appendages
Key to the Last Supper paintingsKey to the living thingsKey to the musical instruments
Keyed or fingered curved instruments with bellsKeyed or fingered curved instruments with the bell and mouthpiece at an angle from one anotherLast Supper by Da Vinci and copies
Last Supper by Da Vinci and copies not showing Christ's feetLast Supper paintings with at least one person in front of the tableLast Supper paintings with at no one in front of the table
Last Supper paintings with at people and a vase in front of the tableLast Supper paintings with at people but no vase front of the tableLast Supper paintings with people but no vase in front of the table and lots of halos
Last Supper paintings with people but no vase in front of the table and no or few halosLegless animals that goLegless invertebrates that go
Legless things that goLepidopteraLimbed amphibians
Limbed invertebrates with an exoskeletonLimbed protostomes with an exoskeletonLimbed reptiles
Limbed reptilian sauriansLizards and limbed amphisbaeniaLutes
Lutes with soundholesLutes without soundholesMacroscopic things
Mammalia with feetMammalsMammals without feet
Many-legged arthropodsMaster KeyMotile macroscopic organisms
Motile macroscopic organisms not observed flyingNatural curved instruments with bellsNeoptera
Neoptera excluding LepidopteraNeoptera with hardened forewingsNeoptera with wings that fold flush against the body
New World Mammalia with feetPangolinsPercussion and string instruments
PterygotaSalamandersSalamanders and naked mole rats
Scaly amniotes with feet or flippersScaly vertebrates with fins or feetSoft-bodied, nonsegmented, legless invertebrates
Soft-bodied, segmented, legless invertebratesSoft-bodied legless invertebrates that goStraight wind instruments with bells
String instrumentsTetrapoda with feetTetrapoda with unscaled feet
TrombonesUpper stringsUpper strings by bow
Upper strings without a bowValved curved instruments with bellsVertebrates
Vertebrates with fins or flippersViolinsWind instruments
Wind instruments with bells
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